I took a year off after from my educational track to volunteer abroad. I picked the organization Cross Cultural Solutions. I am traveling to Bagamoyo, Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. I will be staying there for 3 months.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I went on a safari Christmas weekend! Very exciting! 
 Driving to Selous Game Reserve/Hippo Camp.
 Baobab Tree
 HUGE Paw print.
 Flat tire.
 Some sort of deer thing.
 'Road Construction'
 Fish Nets
 Water Buffalo.
 Red Dust.
 Sudden Rain.
 Bird and nest.
 Crocodile baby.
 Monkey and baby.
 Elephant crossing.
Elephant and baby.
 Giraffes and birds.
 Elephant that ALMOST charged our truck.
 Throwing a stick at us..
 The elephant that came at us from behind.
 Him again.
 Bush man smoking some elephant 'shit' and explaining things about the millipedes.
 Black and white monkeys.
 Our 'tent'. Elephant outside thiis at 3am.
 Dead butterfly.
 Smoking some more elephant 'shit'.
 Making an animal trap. Pretty cool. String and sticks he found around.
 Climbing a GIGANTIC Baobab tree with only a rope he made from leaves.
 The rope he climbed the tree with.
 In the tree.
 Climbign down the otherside.
 Half way down.
 Giving us 'lucky' seeds.
 Red bug.
 Our 'tent' agian.
 Tree on cliff side.
 Angry hippo.
 Michelle catching the lizard.
 Other on boat safari.
 Millipedes. Female on bottom, male on top.
 Broken car.
 Grasshopping I think?
 Karibu!! Welcome!!
 Deer thing.
 Giraffe running away!
 Elephant shit.
 Ducks and croc.
 Giraffe babies.
 Giraffe eating.
 Giraffe and baobab tree.
Hiding elephant.

These pictures are out of order. Sorry. Hope you guys enjoy!