I took a year off after from my educational track to volunteer abroad. I picked the organization Cross Cultural Solutions. I am traveling to Bagamoyo, Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. I will be staying there for 3 months.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Zanibar New Years Weekend

These photos are from the time I spent on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. The plant and spice photos are from a spice tour I went on. Amazing. Loved most of the fruit. Haha. The other photos are from around Stone Town, Kizimkazi, the town where our bungalows where, and on Prison Island.

Aloe Vera Plant. Spice tour.

Banana Stem. Spice tour.
Fresh Avocado. Spice tour.

Blue bug. Spice tour.
Cardamom plant runners. Spice tour.
Cinnamon tree. Spice tour.
Cocoa pod. Spice tour.

Cocoa seed inside. Spice tour.

Coffee beans. Spice tour.

Seashells on beach.

Crab on beach.

Various curried for lunch with spice rice. So delish. Spice tour.
Doggy at bungalows.

Giant tortoise. Prison Island, aka Turtle Island.
Baby turtle. Prison Island.
Feeding time. Prison Island.

Smallest antelope in the world. Prison Island.

Fallen flowers. Prison Island.

Walking on the beach.

Poop looking caterpillar. Spice tour.

Feather. Prison Island.

Mangosteen fruit. Spice tour.

Mangosteen center. Spice tour.

Collecting seaweed on beach.

Wild ginger root. Spice tour.

Jackfruit. Yummyyy. Spice tour.

Kanga sailboat off Stone Town coast.

View from bungalow. 

LoveEnd boat off of Prison Island coast.

Lychee fruit. Spice tour.

Lychee nut. Spice tour.

Mango pit on beach.

Pretty flowers.

Mr. Bean's boat off of Prison Island.

Sailboat off of Prison Island.

Nutmeg nut. Spice tour.
Pepper seeds.
Fresh pineapple. Spice tour.
Star fruit. Spice tour.
Star fruit flowers and bee. Spice tour.
Tanzanian apple. Spice tour.
Turmeric root. Spice tour.
Vanilla beans. Spice tour.
Young coconut. Spice tour.

Nutmeg fruit. Spice tour.
Panoramic view from Prison Island.

Panoramic veiw of prison Island.
Sailboat off of Stone town.

Panoramic view of Stone Town.

Panoramic view from bungalows. 
Panoramic view of bungalows.
Looking at the Indian Ocean. Prison Island.
Sunset in Stone Town.
Sailboat off of Stone town coast.
Evening boy. Stone Town.
Italian restaurant in Stone Town. My sister's name is Mio. :)

These photos are out of order sorry. It is a pain in the ass to rearrange them. I'm starting to like Posterous a lot better.. :(